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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  February 13, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. it has been windy and wet rain coming down for the past several hours. beam in the financial district have umbrell -- people in the financial district have umbrells la out as you can see. taking winds also, we have an airport morning -- airport warning at fo gusting near 40 miles an hour here. -- 26 in novato everybody else around 10 to 15 miles per hour. near the bodies of water where
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we are finding the fastest winds. winter is back. heaviest of the rain south bay moving into the heart of the bay. we are starting to see a line of drying from highway 4 to san rafael. north bay nowe starting to taper. a couple more hours of these showers then it looks like cool weather. we'll talk about that and the high surf. for now the news with kristen. the weather conditions this morning have temporarily stopped crews from digging for more human remains at abandoned cattle ranch in san joaquin county. authorities will examine more than 300 bones they've found since thursday. investigators were led there by a map drawn by wesley shermantine one of the so-called speed freak killers. sherman and his partner herzog
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are believed to have killed more nan 15 people in the 80s and 90s. he told the bounty where authorities should search. the bounty hunter believes more bodies will be found. >> shermantine told me herzog put over 12 people in the well and it is not even the well they are digging at now that has bodies in it but that was closed in the early 80s. the real well is a quarter mile down the road that's the one that will have more bodies. >> herzog committed suicide a month ago after learning that shermantine was talking to authorities. there's a possible bay area connection. shermantine says his partner kidnapped 9-year-old michaela garecht taken from outside a hayward store in november 1988. change of heart by the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi. the lawyer for eliana lopez now says her client will testify. mirkarimi's upcoming trial on
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misdemeanor domestic violence and child endangerment. the attorneys says she wants to make sure her client's testimony doesn't lead to criminal charges or immigration charges for the venezuelan-born lopez. until now lopez has denied the charges and refused to talk to police. alameda county district attorney is investigating reports that county have adviser was violently assaulted by an ex-boyfriend february 3rd. she is the wife of california state treasurer. he and his wife separated but had gotten back together before the incident. he says she went to a newark motel to help her former boyfriend but was tacked by him. she was treated -- was attacked by him. she was treated and released. hayward police investigating the second homicide of the year. a man's body was discovered in a quiet residental neighborhood this morning near
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7th and c streets. >> reporter: this is still an active crime scene. investigators are still here. neighbors say this is typically a safe neighborhood. a few did have specific opinions about that house in particular. >> i haven't seen anybody just her the shots. >> reporter: several neighbors her the shots as many as six around 4:30 this morning. whoever fired got away without anyone getting a good look at their face. >> a vehicle was seen leaving at a high rate of speed. we have limited information on that vehicle except that it was red. >> reporter: the victim is described as a man in his early to mid 20s from livermore who had been staying at the house maybe a week. firefighters pronounced him dead on the driveway where they found him. >> we are trying to determine motive. trying to identify any evidence that may be left at the scene. and also to identify any witnesses.
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>> reporter: residents have different opinions about the neighborhood and not all good. >> it has been quiet around here. i haven't seen any drug activity or anything like that >> it is definitely changing you can't do nothing about it. >> that house has a reputation for drugs. a lot of drug activity. a lot of drug people in and out. a lot of drugs. >> reporter: the lieutenant could not immediately confirm if the house was a known hot spot for drugs. say this area does not have a history of violence. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama unveiled his 2013 budget proposal today. there's a big focus on job training. the president says the proposal makes needed cuts without jeopardizing the economic recovery. the package seeks four trillion in deficit reduction over a decade, it includes large increases for highway construction and school modernization. it alls for eight billion dollars for a new program that
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pairs community colleges pan businesses to train two million -- workers for jobs and so call high growth industries. >> the president: we need to restore american manufacturing overseas giving them to companies that stay here in the united states of america. that's something everybody should agree on. >> republicans immediately attacked the plan calling it a retread of failed ideas. the budget battle is likely to be a major component of the fall election campaign. good news for our nation's heroes looking for work. general electric has announced plans to hire 5,000 veterans over the next five years teaming up with the u.s. chamber of commerce. the company's products range from jet engines to lightbulbs. ge currently employs more than 10,000 veterans. nowhere to go. the high school where
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administrators student -- investigators working to determine what happened here at the beverly hilton in those last hours leading up to whitney houston us a death. i'm diana avellar in beverly hills. latest from the coroner coming up. good news for google. the landmark deal and european regulators are signing off on why it could moon a lot to millions of droid cell phone great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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college students and teachers protection outside a federal court hearing in san francisco today as attorneys inside argue over whether to overturn a ban on affirmative action. >> the protesters say the ban directly affects the civil rights of minority students. amy hollyfield is outside the hearing by 9th circuit court of appeals. >> reporter: the hearing has wrapped up. hard to say how they deposit. the plaintiffs' attorney told me in somewhat of a discouraged voice that she health like the three judges have already made up their mind. impossible to say no ruling today. students believe proposition 209 could hurt their chances of getting into college. they came to watch attorneys argue over whether it should be overturned. >> it hurts to see a most white and asian are going to
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and no black people are going to great colleges. only one race of people going to great colleges. i want to see diverse >> reporter: in court a lawyer for the pacific legal foundation argued there is no need to other than turn prop 20 -- 209 because it protects people of color. >> if the plaintiffs are alleging that the uc is discriminating on the basis of race that is in itself a violation of section 31. there is no need to enjoin section 31 to allow plaintiffs -- to seek the relief that they q >> reporter: the other side argued it violates the civil right of black, latino and native american students who make up half of california high school graduates. they say the number getting into college is not keeping pace with the numbers in the population. proposition 209 did establish a system in which the resegregation of higher
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education could go forward in a state in which the majority of people are going to be minorities. >> reporter: students rallied after the hearing with hope that this federal appeals court will be the one to overturn this 15-year-old ban of affirmative action. >> if not the three of you, then who? then who? >> reporter: the judges did not say when they would issue their ruling. everyone will be watching. it likely won't be the final say on the matter. both sides say if they den win here they with will appeal. they expect -- if they don't win here, they will an people they expect this to reach the u.s. supreme court. beverly hills police say whitney houston was underwater and apparently unconscious when she was found at a hotel saturday. meantime, los angeles coroner's officials are denying reports that they told houston's family the singer died from prescription drugs
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mixed with alcohol. >> reporter: it was a song that expressed what the world was feeling. one day after whitney houston's death jennifer hudson paying tribute to her idol on the grammys on cbs. houston's sudden passing has been too much for those closest to her. her daughter bobbi kristina rushed to the hospital twice sunday, suffering from anxiety and stress. >> i wouldike to say, i love you whitney. >> reporter: her ex-husband bobby brown cut his concert their daughter. the autopsy is complete but won't be released until toxicology tests come back. >> i had a conversation with the family at the hotel. at no time did i discuss prescription medses or the drowning issue -- we are waiting for toxicology and the
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investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: investigators are questioning members of houston's entourage to learn more about what happened in her last hours. a search of her hotel room turned up various bottles of prescription pills. houston reportedly spent the previous days partying heavily. >> frustrating party was getting into verbal fights with people. >> reporter: early friday morning houston performed an impromptu duet with grammy nominee kelly price. it would be her last performance. >> in retrospect it is a much bigger moment than i could have imagined. it was a big moment because it was whitney. the world got a last gift, an opportunity to see her perform one last time. >> reporter: the los angeles county coroner tells abc news the pills found in houston's hotel room here at the beverly hilton were ordinary compared to other high profile cases. diana avellar, abc news, beverly hills.
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students at an east bay high school are peeved over a growing bathroom battle. according to a report, the principal at mount diablo high in concord locked all but one boys and one girls bathroom to fight a continuing graffiti problem. the school has 14 -- 1400 students. they've -- the principal unlocked a second set of bathrooms last week but that is not enough to come lie with state law. schools are required to have at least one urinal per 30 boys and one toilet for 45 girls. amnesty international group has launched an online campaign demanding that all restrooms be reopened. we are getting a little relief from the dry winter we've been getting. we have a form of winter with those gusty winds and cool conditions even snow down to 3,000 feet on mount hamilton. we'll see how long this progressive pattern will last.
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we have a couple more chances of rain in your seven day forecast. silicon valley's apple continues its search as inspections b
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this friday the westbound span of the bay bridge will close for four days that closure starts try day at 8 p.m.. the closure is -- taking place for construction crews
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demolish part of the old and begin building the new approach to the span bart is going to run service at select station . officials say that closure could lead to low downs on nearly every -- lead to slow downs on nearlyík every other bridge and freeway. the waze app can help you navigate around congestion from the bridge closure. you can download it for free itunes on the android market or find information at it is a great service. >> every other bay area bridge could see the spill-over traffic. waze finding a lot of snowness this morning. >> frances reported five or six accidents in san jose because of the rain and the winds getting across the bridges will get easier tonight after the sunsets right now pretty gusty. a lot to talk about. first the high country, snow,
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blue canyon up to a foot of the new fresh white power falling there. doesn't that look like fun? >> so jealous. [ laughing ] >> get a job buddy, just kidding. people hanging around heavenly also. much whiter there than it has been in a while. back home clouds starting to break up a little. sunshine this afternoon that will create more scattered showers rainfall amounts very light with these even though it has been raining a lot, small drops and the wind blowing them sideways a nuisance to be out in this the rain with that kind of wind can get in through your] wet. a quarter to a entire -- everywhere else self san francisco, half moon bay and san jose less than a 10th of an inch -- watch the curl see that opportunitier clockwise flow an area of low
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pressure pushing through the last bout of energy that will kick up showers and high elevation snow. 50 santa rosa with sun everybody else in the mid to upper 40s upper 40s monterey bay and inland watsonville 52. breezy, cooler scattered showers clearing and calmer tonight and tomorrow and cooler and a chance of showers wednesday and this weekend. we keep that free fall from the 70s we had half week to the mid 50s today, two degrees warmer in san francisco to nine degrees in san jose compared to yesterday we'll be lucky if we get into the low to mid 50s this afternoon, winds gusting around 45 miles per hour over the ocean, 35 of us the same conditions around the monterey bay. around the state all this going to slide south into the southern parts of our state during the afternoon and evening we'll see snow start to taper by the time we get to 4:00 when the winter weather advisory drops, 12 inches of
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snow 5500 feet definitely going to need chains. clearing patchy fog will develop tule fog central valley, more 30s fremont and palo alto the rest of us low to mid 40s low will slide by we have cold breezy jet stream on too much us because that temperatures this week will struggle under this unsettled pattern to get out of 50s. i think we'll see sun and barely make it to 60 inland tomorrow, thursday and friday barely in the 60s warpest days more rain possible saturday and sunday -- high surf advisory at the coast until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. google is one step closer in its landmark bid to acquire android maker motorola mobility. google has been trying for months to acquire the struggling company because it is one of the world's top proceed duesers of android-based phones.
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europe -- european regulation are tos signed off on a 12 1/2 billion dollar deal. they need approval in the united states. it could help google boost its base for mobile devices. independent group has started auditing apple's chinese supplier after a request by the cupertino company. apple revealed a list of suppliers for the first time amid growing criticism over labor and environmental practices. fair labor association, a group that advocates for improving labor practices is conning this audit. work conditions first came unscrutiny after a rash of workers' suicides. the findings are expected in early march. apple's stock rose above $500 a share today for the first time ever. the latest step in a boom that began more than two weeks ago when the cupertino reported taggering sales and profits for the holiday quarter. currently the most valuable
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company in the world. market value now estimated at 465 billion dollars. we are less than two weeks away from oscar sunday. you can get in on all the action now at predict the winners and get the latest buzz ahead of the show on >> you can done load our oscar app for iphones and ipads get livid yes from the red carpet and backstage. oscars are sunday february 26th, right here on abc7.
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coming up at 4:00, have cheesecake instead of cheerios, bring it on. it could work. at 5, golden gate park neighbors sounding off on big events. will they squash future events? those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. >> that's it for now, thanks for joining us. >> who w
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